23 Jul 2014

Moving to San Francisco & Quarter Life Crisises

I signed an offer with Audax Health last friday as a full stack software engineer working on health tech. Now, on the cusp of relocating across the country to the west coast, I’m reminded of my last year here at Advanced Systems Concepts. While I’ve certainly learned a lot from our software architect before he left, the last year has been full of what I identify as “transitional woes.” Having spent the weekend with a girl who has been pretty influential in my life, she described her now 25th birthday as the beginning to her “quarter life crisis.” This is certainly a phrase that I’ve never heard before, but strangely have identified with plenty of times in my life.

25 Jun 2014

Hypify - Improved

Hypify is now taking advantage of the new Spotify API. Query calls have been migrated to the new api and a new feature have been added. After logging in to Spotify via their auth, you can now one click add a track directly to a selected Spotify playlist! You’ll see that after logging in and selecting a target playlist, all the magnifying glasses will turn into plus signs. This feature is the thing that I’ve wanted most, but I had to wait for Spotify’s API team to catch up. If you choose not to login, your query action will remain the same as before.

24 Jun 2014

Hypify - Integrating new Spotify web API

Starting to make the push to migrate to the new Spotify Web API on my Hypify Chrome extension. Changing the lookups were trivial.
A few properties have changed but no biggie. I began working on login and auth last night, but it gave me a little more trouble.
Granted I was watching Young Justice at the same time, but more on that later. I wasn’t really sure how to host my redirect URI from a chrome extension. In the end I settled on letting github do the work, so my spotify redirects will be coming here haha. Now I need to work on ‘persistent’ auth tokens and doing some more js manipulations to HypeM’s page. Then, the fun will begin when I can actually start adding tracks to user playlists!

23 Jun 2014

Spotify web API is released

Just found out that the Spotify Web API was released. I guess I’m a little late to the party, I should have set a tracker on this baby.
I’m extremely excited that I can finish adding some much needed functionality to Hypify. You guys can check it out here: Spotify Web API